Online Matters

Online is more essential now than ever from creative posts to engaging virtual events. This is the true silver lining of the pandemic for many organizations.
From FB, YouTube, TikTok and Zoom, bringing your nonprofit to a virtual arena will only enhance your orgs image, outreach, long term growth and stability.

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Online Galas

Fundraising galas for museums, performing arts and orchestras transitioned to the virtual platform during the pandemic. While it was a new challenge, it’s key to look back at what door this opened.

Online galas created a silver lining in the organizations exposure to a broader audience around the world. This was vital to the nonprofits image and ability to connect with a wider range of audience members from various backgrounds. Virtual galas removed the stiff and closed image these otherwise coveted high ticket priced events usually represent enabling all to celebrate.

While many galas are back to in-person, organisations should still consider an online aspect of the night so that barriers do not create limits to anyone’s attendance or participation. When we remove barriers we open an organisations mission to meet the overall community.

{📸: TreCharmantes}

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Case for Support

A sturdy case for support matters!!! Why?

A case for support is a straightforward overview of your organization or project that you are seeking capital for.

This piece is written with a persuasive, heartfelt and honest voice to help donors understand how their fiscal investment will be used to make a difference in both their world and beyond. Donors and investors want to know what their dollars will do and how. This piece allows them to understand the power of their donation and investment, ultimately creating the core of the WHY when seeking funds and capital.

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Creative Arts

Executive Director Belinda Tate of @kalamazooinstituteofarts recognises the importance of arts education and exposure of the arts for today’s youth. Their leading initiative “Art Detectives Program” involves storytelling and hands-on art projects allowing youngsters to gain a broader perspective of the art world while learning about artists and various mediums.

{📸: KIA}

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Know the Donor

It’s imperative to talk with a donor and learn about their interests both w/in and beyond the nonprofit. When we get a better understanding of the donor we can best present them with options catered to their needs vs sending them a random “ask” letter.

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Easy Giving

It’s about making giving an easy, in-the-moment process.

“There are opportunities to tie giving with GPS, allowing donors to receive alerts when causes they care about are holding events nearby or their headquarters are around the corner. Other intriguing tools out there include SnapDonate, developed in the United Kingdom, which enables giving by taking a picture of a charity’s logo with your phone.” -Katherine Lagana, Fidelity Charitable CTO

{📸: Fidelity}

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No matter your market or product, people buy relationships. The connection you make with a prospect is built on trust, rapport and authenticity . Relational marketing acknowledges a prospects interests, and nurtures the relationship between client and organisation which enhances the overall experience. What are ways you nurture current or prospective donors and customers?

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Museum transparency is key especially when it comes to the community having the opportunity to meet the senior staff, which remains a huge goal for ED Linda Harrison of The Newark Museum of Art.

{📸: TNMA}

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Peer Campaigns

Today’s young audience and future donors want to influence the world vs being influenced. They want to create change, be today’s voices, and know they’re establishing an impact on a cause or matter they care about .

NGO’s can perpetuate this connection by encouraging young donors to start their own fundraising campaigns that align with the NGO. This strategy is empowering and makes the young donors fully involved and part of the impact. Also, this strategy makes it easy for young donors to share their mission online with friends, family, classmates and other potential donors.

When you make young donors part of the fundraising process the NGO is enhancing the donors blueprint as an influencer.

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Leader Spotlight

The American Alliance of Museums received a $4M grant in early 2019 to support diversity and inclusion at museums in the US with a strong mission of enhancing diversity at the board level.

“Museum trustees and leaders can and must do more. The tone of an institution, the priorities for each museum, the budgets, they’re all established at the board level.
Without change at the top, progress will likely remain slow. Without that strong understanding and solid commitment by the board, this kind of work ends up being nice to have instead of need to have.” -Laura Lott, President and CEO, American Alliance of Museums.

{📸: AAM/Art Net}

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