Looking to reach a broader audience? Then establish PopUp exhibits/events/concerts particularly in the summer season at various locations to connect with new prospects and audiences. This is about giving the arts and culture to your community for free or low cost and making the PopUp interactive as a way to engage the public making them feel part of process and experience.

{📸: Rockport Music}

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From Jacob’s Pillow to the New York City Ballet, video marketing is the gateway to attracting new members and a younger audience. Video make an org’s content come alive while sharing a story versus trying to sell. Video is a creative way to communicate while enticing a viewer to share the content with their contacts and attend a future event. Video is also a personal way to connect with potential audiences near and far while giving prospects a taste of what makes the org unique and special.

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Looking to increase your orgs revenue through fundraising? Then it’s time to host a 5k/10k event. Make the theme and course fun while sticking to the mission and values of the org. Ask race supporters and participants to help fundraise beyond registration costs, and set up a user-friendly event website with info and a donation platform. Hosting such events even twice a year may be optimal to an orgs revenue and fundraising goals.

{📸: Awesome Alpharetta}

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How well does your org utilise technology? Online giving has increased by 27% due to its ease and effectiveness, and enabling a donor quick access to learn about a nonprofit. Transparency of information and technology are key in today’s giving world

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Your nonprofit has an incredible story to share along with a cause that your prospects will want to support. Fortunately platforms such as social media allow storytelling to be visual, interactive, compelling and a way to connect with your community while you share the nonprofits mission. Social media and storytelling are a smart way to engage with current and new members while serving as a promotional strategy to broaden the core audience.

{📸: Washington DC Ballet}

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Donor Communication

Tip 1 of Donor Communications:

Make your donors of all levels feel part of the team. Make it known that their opinions matter towards organizational goals. Expand communication beyond newsletters and emails, and invite your donors to meetings and in-person functions to seek their feedback and ideas. For your younger donors, post questions on social media platforms and invite the younger generation to sit in board meetings and to participate in committees.

The best organizations thrive on diverse communication patterns and inclusiveness of donors on all levels.

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Getting Mobil

What’s a great way to attract new and current members to your org? Having a mobile-focused website and app to guide visitors through exhibits, attend programs virtually, and to learn and discover your nonprofit. Today’s orgs are now in greater competition with Netflix, Apple and smartphone app games as more people enjoy the comfort to stay home in today’s busy times. A few nonprofits that have successfully embraced the app arena: The Met, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Perez Art Museum Miami, and the Royal Ontario Museum to name a few. Let’s get folks back into our nonprofits with increased user experience!

{📸: The Met}

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Remembering a nonprofit that’s dear to you through a bequest in your will is the easiest way for you to leave your own legacy of continued support. By supporting a nonprofit through a bequest, you retain control of your assets, have tax advantages, and you ensure the health of the org’s mission, vision and programming for future generations.

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Want to grow your nonprofit? Start a Podcast.

Having a podcast shows that your org is knowledgable and in-tune with today’s times. Having staff, volunteers and guests speakers address key issues that impact your orgs mission will help drive fundraising efforts, engage prospective donors, volunteers and memberships. Podcasts don’t have to be fancy, rather a solid outlet to share your orgs story to listeners all over the world.

{📸: Mobil Day}

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Having a strong digital presence enables everyone to access your orgs updates, snippets and more. When you let your company become more accessible online (concerts, galleries, “meet the staff”, ticket purchases, educational programming) you break any barriers of exclusion.

Make your org a more open and welcoming place for visitors from all over the world and from all backgrounds with the ease of a click.

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