Remembering a nonprofit that’s dear to you through a bequest in your will is the easiest way for you to leave your own legacy of continued support. By supporting a nonprofit through a bequest, you retain control of your assets, have tax advantages, and you ensure the health of the org’s mission, vision and programming for future generations.

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Want to grow your nonprofit? Start a Podcast.

Having a podcast shows that your org is knowledgable and in-tune with today’s times. Having staff, volunteers and guests speakers address key issues that impact your orgs mission will help drive fundraising efforts, engage prospective donors, volunteers and memberships. Podcasts don’t have to be fancy, rather a solid outlet to share your orgs story to listeners all over the world.

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Having a strong digital presence enables everyone to access your orgs updates, snippets and more. When you let your company become more accessible online (concerts, galleries, “meet the staff”, ticket purchases, educational programming) you break any barriers of exclusion.

Make your org a more open and welcoming place for visitors from all over the world and from all backgrounds with the ease of a click.

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How diverse is your organization?

The Cleveland Museum of Art initiated The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan “to create transformative experiences through art, for the benefit of all the people.” This means not only diversity in art pieces, but artist they represent, the types of programs they run, how and where they will market to prospective and current audiences, and ensuring diversity within board, staff and volunteer committees. I simply love this mission!

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When looking to seek new donors, members and larger audiences, FB and Insta ads are an excellent tool to use when creating your next marketing campaign.

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Junior Council

The value of a Junior Council Group at any organisation introduces young adults to your orgs mission and culture, enhances membership, exposure, diversity, and encourages a lifelong involvement through socials and fundraisers organised around the company’s events and programming. A true value to any nonprofit! Let’s get your Junior Council started today!

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Nonprofits should consider enhancing their corporate partnerships when thinking of the long-term health of the organisation.

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Youth & Art

Its never to early to get kids exposed to the arts. How is your org engaging today’s youth to your company’s mission and programming?

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I’m a huge advocate of donor appreciation, and not for just the super high level donor, but for all donors of every level. Any donor that gives is supporting, and that’s what matters.

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Say Cheese

When curating your audience or enhancing your donors, use photos of your organisation from staff, events, the building….anything and everything that lets your prospects know you and your mission.

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