Most organizations thrive due to dedicated volunteers . That being said, volunteer appreciation events go a long way. As an Executive Director stated at a recent arts event, “we wouldn’t exist without our volunteers.”

Debra Gudema for DLG Nonprofit


Which museum’s are your top favorite?? Oh, the choices! I fancy the Met, the Louvre and the National Portrait Gallery to name a few.

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Debra Gudema for DLG Nonprofit


How has social media impacted your current or prospective donors? Think of ways you can enhance your digital footprint so that the outreach and connection are organic and inviting.

Debra Gudema for DLG Nonprofit


Attracting donors and potential donors at all levels and backgrounds is essential to the fiscal health and longevity of any organization. Outreach is a core discipline all should offer as the return reaps twofold for everyone.

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Debra Gudema for DLG Nonprofit

Tis’ The Season

What’s your favorite nonprofit to give to each December? For me, I love the various ways to donate and participate in the many nonprofits I love and care about. Being able to give back in any capacity truly nourishes the soul.

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Debra Gudema for DLG Nonprofit